Glenn Sevier,  LCSW
Executive Director

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Chicago, IL. 60645
t (773) 512-8813

Julie Lackaff, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Certified School Psychologist

2007 Greenleaf
Chicago, IL 60645

Lea Sevier, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Director

2007 Greenleaf
Chicago, IL 60645
t (773) 459-4417

If you need information or assistance please let us know.

We can provide:

-   A complimentary telephone consultation.
-   A complimentary orientation session for
    couples interested in seeking premarital and/or couples counseling.
-   An individual, couples, family, or group appointment.
-   Information on seminars and workshops presented by
    Advance Potential Psychological Services, LLC.
General Inquiries

Contact us today for a free consultation
Convenient daytime, evening, and Saturday hours are available to fit your schedule.  You can usually arrange to have your first appointment within one week.  And, we can work together to review the terms of your insurance, which may cover the cost of counseling.

Psychotherapy is a medical deduction on your taxes.  Please consult your accountant or the tax tables based on your income to see if you might meet the appropriate percentage.  We can provide you with an invoice if you need or want one. 

Now accepting these major credit cards:

Accepting the following insurance:
Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO/HMO
Medicare Part B
Meidcaid (Harmony/Well Network)
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