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2016 Advance Potential Psychological Services

Advance Potential Psychological Services (APPS)

Advance Potential Psychological Services, LLC was established in 2000 to provide quality
outpatient behavioral health counseling for individuals, couples, and groups; chemical
dependency treatment support; and treatment for psychiatric disorders.  Services are also
available to EAPs, geriatric populations and adolescents.  All services are provided in a
cost-effective manner to give the greatest benefit to the client.

APPS is committed to providing prompt appointments and accessibility.  Virtual services are
also available when appropriate. APPS has contract agreements with most insurance
companies and managed care companies to provide services to a wide range of clients.

APPS offers a variety of specialties and provides services through Psychiatrists, Psychiatric
Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers,
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors and Chemical
Dependency Counselors.  APPS is committed to providing mental health services that
promote positive outcomes.  APPS clinicians are committed to providing positive customer
service to those who seek help during difficult times, when it is most important to know that a
caring, professional clinician is available to meet your needs.